For all the New Mom's , I won't tell you that your life will be easy because being a mom is probably one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life but also the Rewards are endless. Just try to relax ,take one day at a time and remember we all started out the same way. All babies are different ,there are no two alike. Do what feels right for you.
Be patient,teach them Respect, Kindness and Love.Teach them to never give up, follow your Dreams .
Cherish and enjoy every minuet of every day because they will be grown and on their own before you know it and you'll wonder where the time went.
Always remember all Roads Lead to Home and The Door Is Always Open .
From Mother to Grandmother well just let me say It's Amazing. You get to do it all over again ( Kind of. )You get to see all the things you instilled in your children come into play as they teach their own children. You get to do things with your Grandchildren you didn’t have time to do with your own children. You help them grow and enjoy life. Teach them that Family is always there no matter what. 
Don't ever regret spending time with your children or grandchildren even when there grown . Love them, have fun with them and Cherish the Cuddles,Giggles Hugs and Kisses for one day they will be few and far between.
The Best feeling as a Grandma is when you see your Grandchildren and they yell Grandma and come running into your arms for a hug , Best feeling in the world.