At my age it's hard to recall specifics....however...here are some facts.

  • I was the first born child of a family of 3 girls, 3 boys. One sister and one brother are still surviving. 

  • Married in 1958. I become a mother at 17 to a little girl, I had a second girl at the age of 18, a son at age 23 and another baby girl at age 27. 

  • I became widowed after 25 years of marriage then married  a man with 2 children girl and boy, whom I consider my children.

  • During the next 25 years there were many happy and sad events. I have 11 grandchildren 9 boys and 2 girls. I have 5 great grandchildren 4 girls and 1 boy. And another on the way.

  • My second husband passed away suddenly at age 67

  • I currently have an 83 year old partner and am a near full time caregiver due to his failing health.

So those are some facts of my life...and here are a few of my surviving beliefs.....

1. Life is not easy....but it's better than the alternative. I have lost so many people that I cared deeply for. You carry on, remembering the good times, family get togethers, mother daughter times,  sister times, Christmases that bring a smile every time.

2. As I age the joy comes from surprises from my children. With the technology of texting and Facebook I can keep in touch with a family that is world wide, how exciting for me...and then I recall my grandmother, who arrived with a newborn from England in about 1912 telling me how hard it was to receive a letter from home telling of her mother's passing six weeks after it happened.

3. In the early years of parenthood I felt every challenge and hurt my children were going through...now I realize it is their path ...I feel for the life decisions they must make..but I don't take it as a failure on my part as a mother as much as I used to. 

4. My life decisions during almost 78 years ....most good I think ....some not so good and some very bad or unwise. I have survived them all. 

5. When challenges come and they still do I rely on what I tell my family ...you wake up, you get up and put one foot in front of the other and carry on.