Becoming a mother at 14...scared, unprepared, oblivious, was not in my life plan. However who really has their life mapped out at 14. I hardly remember a time in life where I wasn’t a mother and although I was completely ill prepared for the challenge, it was an unexpected gift that continues giving. My daughter and I grew up, side by side. She moulded me as much as I moulded her. We grew, we faltered, we overcame obstacles simultaneously without ever knowing all the barriers we were breaking and all the stereotypes we shattered. This is are faced with this challenge of raising a child with no prior knowledge or experience and in the end we are all just doing our best, giving our best, living our best. I now have two children, 16 years apart. They are so similar and yet so different from one another and still at the end of the day both know they are loved, this is family, this is success.